Credit Cards Now Accepted Direct!

As of late 2015 I can now accept major credit cards over the phone.

However I can not accept credit cards direct from international customers, not even Canadians. (Paypal is NOT an option because it does not take adult accounts.)

I am always looking for better payment alternatives for international callers. Each payment processor/call service listed on this page has their own policies regarding international payments so please check if one works for you.

Update June 2016: I have recently added other options for calling me. Each takes your payment according to their own policies:
for Skype calls (audio/text only)

I take calls via Niteflirt and Kasamba
Immediate Access? Yes if I am logged on. If not, call 800-951-1149 to ask me if I can do a call. Get a psychic reading about sex and desire
Payment medium
Niteflirt takes Mastercard, Visa, Discover, Diners Club, and JCB cards last I checked. Kasamba accepts all major credit cards plus Paypal.
Payment Terms
Deposit funds before call, then pay by minute. Can auto-add more funds during call on Niteflirt.
$1.98 per minute on Niteflirt. On Kasamba I charge more because the system takes more. Both provide three free minutes to new customers.
Registration required?
None needed if I am logged on to Niteflirt or Kasamba.
Otherwise, call me direct at 800-951-1149 to check availability.
How to call: New Customers
Click a link from this website, follow the instructions to register, then the system will automatically connect you to me or my listing. Going through my website to register might earn me a $50 bonus for bringing in a new customer.
How to call: Return Customers
Link from this website or go directly to Niteflirt or Kasamba and find me through their search functions. It's easier if you save me as a favorite on Niteflirt or Kasamba after our first call.

Once you call, you are very likely to call again! I am consistently in the 98th percentile of call-backs on Niteflirt. That is, only one or two percent of Niteflirt "Flirts" have a higher call-back rate than me.
What are Niteflirt and Kasamba?
Niteflirt: National, reputable phone sex site where Sexual Psychic was born. Your privacy and financial info are safe.
Kasamba: Straight psychic site spun off from

Call now through NITEFLIRT


Call now through KASAMBA

$2.21/minute subject to change

Updated 2/2015

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